What More Do You Want?

For the last few years, instead of a New Year’s resolution, I picked a single word on which to focus — an inspiration. Last year, that word was ‘REDUCE.’ The goal was to…
  • Reduce my use of our planet’s resources
  • Reduce my use of plastics specifically
  • Reduce my intake of foods that do not serve my body well
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce clutter
  • Reduce the clutter on my calendar
  • Reduce the amount of classes I was teaching
  • Reduce the amount of content I tried to cram in a single class — realizing less is more
  • Reduce negative thoughts
  • Reduce the use of negative words
Was I totally successful on all fronts? No, but I did make some progress and I plan to keep at it. I created more space and time for sure. This year I would like to fill that that space and time with things that enhance my life, such as:
  • More family time
  • Being more present
  • More time spend with friends near and far
  • More joy
  • More eye contact
  • More love
  • More stillness
  • More moments of silence
  • More listening
  • More observing
  • More compassion
  • More expressions of truth
  • More time preparing healthy meals
  • More time outside in nature
  • More walks
  • More travel and adventure
And speaking of more joy, more adventure and more time in nature, I am heading to Peru to climb Machu Picchu. 2020 seems like a great year to fulfill a bucket list trip and I hope you will join me on this yoga + adventure retreat of a lifetime.